Francisco Palau was a writer. His motivation begun with pastoral challenges and desires to defend announce and express his unconditional love for the Church. The most outstanding characteristics of his writings, the one that represents most of his style of thinking are figurative expressions. The ultimate reason of his writings lies in the inner movement that impels him to forge vital formulas and express them in consonance with his way of thinking and seeing the world that surrounds him.

His writings are filled with supreme freedom, both in what refers to literary style, either in order of ideas and logical development. His exposition follows a kind of connatural order at the rhythm of thought or experience in every moment. This generic process dominates specially in autobiographical and doctrinal parts. Special mention has to be done of autobiographical pages in Letters and My Relations, his intimate diary of relationships with the Church.

He succeeded, nevertheless, in composing original pages that take privileged place in the religious and spiritual literature of Spanish, XIX century.



Printed writings:
  • The Struggle of the Soul with God, Montauban 1843.
  • Catechism of Virtues, Barcelona 1851-1852.
  • Articles in newspapers in Barcelona and Madrid (El Áncora, Diario de Barcelona, Actualidad, Clamor público) 1851-1854
  • The School of Virtues Vindicated, Madrid 1859.
  • Articles in Newspapers in Barcelona and Madrid (La Esperanza, La Regeneración, Revista Católica) 1860-1865
  • Month of Mary or Flowers of the Month of May, Ibiza 1861 (1862)
  • The Church of God figured by the Holy Spirit in Holy Scriptures, Barcelona 1865.
  • Considerations directed to the Father of Vatican Council about exorcism, Barcelona 1869.
  • Rules and Constitutions of the Third Order of Discalced Carmelites of Spanish Congregation, Barcelona 1872.
  • El Ermitaño, Semanario político religioso, Barcelona 1868-1873 (Directed by Fr. Palau untill no. 176)
Other Writings:
  • Quidditas Eclesiae Dei perduasmetaphorasexposita: scliterCivitatis et Corporis naturalis, Montauban 1845-1846 (disappeared)
  • Statutes for the Tertiary Brothers of the Order of Carmel, 1867.
  • Vindication of a censure, Barcelona 1868.
  • Solitary Life and the functions of a priest on the altar, Montauban 1849.
  • Solitary of Cantayrac, Cantayrac 1851.
  • My Relationships with Daughter of God, the Church, 1864-1867.
  • Considerations about modification of the Rules of Discalced Carmelites according to laws of time, 1863.
  • Epistolary or Letters, 1845-1872