We, the CMT Sisters, are women following Jesus in an ecclesial congregation and missionary for the same reason. This conception configures our vocation as Church, in the Church and for the Church that looks at herself in Mary, Virgin and Mother. She is our model and the most finished and perfect image of availability to God’s plan.

Our reason of being is the Mystical Christ, God and neighbors. This unity is fundamental to our Palautian Charism. We exercise the gaze of the heart on our neighbor, human face, temple of the Trinity, contemplating and serving the person in his optimal dignity as the living image of God.

Passionate about restoring dignity and beauty to disfigured faces of the Body of Christ, we make our own the cause of the poorest, weakest and most marginalized.


We are missionaries by essence.  The mission is not just another dimension of our life but the reason of our existence as a family following the footsteps of our Founder, in whom the mission was never just added to his contemplative life but rather the most clear and transparent expression of the truth of this contemplation.

  • From the contemplative sight of the depth of each person, our missionary commitment is born to announce the beauty of the Church, mystery of communion, and liberating and healing service to the wounded body.
  • Our missionary being urges us to live with passion in our service, putting the person at its center, welcoming and respecting. It’s a kind of love made of closeness and tenderness.
  • We understand and assume life as mission and we open ways that give meaning and actuality to our charismatic identity.

Our Congregation made life the ecclesial charism of Fr. Francisco Palau in diverse fields, according to the most urgent needs of the time:  Christian education, health, spiritual promotion, “mision ad gentes,” social promotion, and pastoral in parishes…


Prayer is the vital necessity for us, the base of our relationship of friendship with the Lord and, for this reason, as Saint Teresa said, “we are many times alone with whom we know loves us”.

  • Like Teresa and Francisco Palau, we live relationships of love that lead us to apostolic commitment. Union with God and love of the neighbor are two faces of the same love that make our prayer the first of our apostolic services in favor of the Church: “we pray to make deeds be born.”
  • We are women of prayer, of contemplative sight, open to the motions of the Spirit, capable to discern the signs of times and let us be questioned by the Word and reality. Our contemplation is populated by all the suffering faces of humanity.
  • The Eucharist is the center of our life, our communion with “the Church: Christ and the neighbor” is actualized and fulfilled.

Our communities are schools of prayer that lead men and women to encounter and experience God as we share to them our way of life.

  • We’re a family of sisters who are faithful to founding experience, live in “union of fraternity,” founded in love, reflection of the Trinity and of God’s project on the human family.
  • We live in communities of open doors, simple and welcoming, in and from the presence of being a “small Church” that makes visible and credible to the mystery of the Church-communion.
  • Insertion in diverse cultures urges us to live in unity in diversity, recognizing every person as an image of the Church.
  • Humanizing gestures and attitudes characterize us. We cultivate friendship and respect plurality as an expression of being part in a family, the family of the children of God.
  • Our communities are not closed on themselves, but we feel the urgent call to build universal fraternity.