MAY 4 – Mercy

What we call water-mint herbs is one of those that adorn our garden and yard. It is true that it does not have qualities other than its green color, its perpetuity, its multiplication along the edges of the streams and above all its great fragrance emitted when touched, divided and stepped on. It has, moreover, various virtues and characteristics for our service. Put the water-mint herbs with the odorless rose and you will have today the beautiful and fragrant bouquet.


Charity towards one’s neighbors, that is, the love of God spreading from our hearts toward the neighbor produces in our souls an effect truly appropriate to its nature, such is mercy; it disposes the soul to take part and to consider as its own the needs of our neighbors. He whose heart does not share the sufferings of his neighbors as if they were his own, has no mercy, that is, a heart unmoved and not affected by the misery and the needs of others; and he who does not have mercy will not find mercy in God. In the mysterious garden of the Church, we have not found any plant that accommodates more in its characteristics and virtues to mercy than the water-mint herbs or lusty herbs.

Mercy in Mary

Mary, from her immaculate conception, took up as her own the cause of all the sons of Adam, and inspired and impelled by this virtue – mercy – she negotiated effectively with God our salvation. This Mother of mercy took upon herself the needs of her children.

Water-mint herb and the rose of the whole year to Mary

Do you have true love for God and your neioghbrs? If you have charity, mercy is one of her daughters, and will be with you: and if there is mercy in you, you will suffer for all those things and reason for which Jesus and Mary, his most blessed Mother, suffered. You will feel sorrow and compassion for the very serious moral evils that afflict our holy mother the Church; and taking as your own the miseries and spiritual needs of the souls, you will sacrifice for them.

Lady, what can I do for the good of souls?

I offer myself in sacrifice at the foot of the altar for their salvation.

I oblige and commit myself to putting mercy into my action

in the manner and form designated by the laws of charity.

Receive oh Lady my offering; accept this ever-green branch;

bless my intention; reach out to me the graces and gifts

that I need to conserve this virtue in my heart.