MAY 14 – Obedience

The mayorana – Moradux

We have for today an herb that we just step on. It is planted along the pathways of the gardens, and although it is negligible to the sight, its odor however is so fine and strong. And when it is stepped on and trampled, it is precisely then that it exudes its great fragrance. It does not have the beauty of the rose but its queen takes it by its side as its stewardess so as to form with its choir, court and bouquet.


He who obeys is at the feet of the one who orders. He receives the obligation from him, and the harder the order is the mayorana expel and show more the fragrance of his fidelity, of his humility, and of his submission.

He who obeys is like the mayorana at the feet of the one that orders in the name of God; and kneeling to receive the precept, order or law, shows his respect for the authority of the one from whom he receives it.

Obedience is a tribute of submission that we give to the superiors, and is a virtue by which we surrender and submit ourselves to all our superiors, to each one within the circle of his respective jurisdiction.

The obedience of Mary

Mary obeyed like a faithful and loyal daughter of St. Anne and St. Joachim, the priests and teachers in the temple, Joseph as her spouse, Jesus as God, Pontiff of pontiffs and King of kings; she obeyed blindly, humbly, willingly, fondly, with pleasure, and heartily as if she were the lowest of all creatures. She obeyed the angel and God in all that she was ordered. She obeyed God who ordered her as he did to Abraham, to sacrifice her beloved Son, and because she obeyed, she became worthy to be exalted.

The mayorana in Mary’s hands

Let us examine our obedience. Do you obey God? Do you listen and follow his inspirations? Do you obey the Church and her pastors? Do you obey your confessors? Do you obey all those whom God has placed above you to rule? If you obey, how? Voluntarily, willingly and with joy, whether the order is hard, light, easy or grievous? Do you allow yourself to be stepped on like the mayorana? When a superior reproaches you, do you exude perfumes of humility or are you converted into a pointed thorn by your pride? Do you obey well? Think about it, meditate on it and see that if you don’t subject yourself, if you don’t submit, if you don’t obey, you shall be thrown like a rebel into hell with the proud angels. Resolve to obey and obey well; take the mayorana, decorate it with the rose and presenting it to Mary your obedience saying to her:

Lady: I place my mayorana in your hands. I will oblige myself to obey God and all those who represent his authority humbly, meekly, with love, voluntarily, without grumbling or complaining, promptly and faithfully. My Gardener, I entrust my mayorana to your ability and maternal solicitude: take good care of it.

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