The first step to discover the beauty of the Church is to “look” at Mary, discover her beauty, her virtues and perfections.

Fr. Palau writes:

“All perfect, pure, holy that exists and is preached about Mary can be preached in even more excellent way about the Church” (MR 11,19).

All virtues of Mary are presented in unique meaning, all of them meet at one point: her mission as co-redeemer, her voluntary and efficient cooperation in salvation of human race. Virtue, Palau writes, is “a quality that makes good whom has it and all things” (MM 1,2)

Mary herself is not the center of devotion, but Palau always saw her and presented her in her salvific dynamism since her Fiat during incarnation until her Yes under the Cross: “Only one thought occupied Mary fully during her whole life, o better: all her thoughts tended, came to stop in only one object, and that was: a man is lost due to the sin and needs to be saved”.

To cultivate virtues, we need to love them first. It is to recognize and promote the values of a person, excluding all that may lower its dignity.

Theological experience is the focal vital point of Francisco Palau. His relationship with the Church is understood always from this point of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY.

Theological attitude dynamizes concrete life: “They remain without action” (Catechism 74,4).

FAITH: is the key of interpretation of his experience (Catechism 38,2-3; 764,13)

HOPE: it keeps him in the attitude of searching, so that the difficulties won’t discourage him (Catechism 3; 733,7; 820,30-31)

CHARITY: is a fundament and center of interior growing and personal harmony: “All Christian perfection is based on charity. All virtues, divine, human, infused and acquired…, all is directed so that charity might make its course in you” (Catechism 37,1)



Mary, I put today in your hands all virtues, all gifts, all things I have received from God, and I commit myself to take care of them, cultivate them and preserve them. Present them to your Son.


Song: Señora de las Virtudes

Señora de las virtudes, Tú que das paso a la luz,

 tú nos muestras a Jesús, tú para el hombre eres puerta,

 caliente pan, casa abierta y escuela de la virtud.


Inícianos en tu escuela, como siervos del amor,

 para aprender la lección de servir, siembra inquietudes

y riega tú las virtudes con la gracia del Señor.