The history of our Congregation is a memory of a past journey and a challenge of those still to be made.

Our history of Teresian Carmelite Missionaries is filled with simple souls, heroic in their sacrifice for God and neighbor, visible expression of being the Church, with incidence in history and social life. One of them is our Sr. Teresa Mira, of whom we celebrate the 125 anniversary of birth this September 26.

With testimony of her life, she confirms fully that “we are missionaries in essence” because mission is not just another dimension of our life, but the reason of our existence as family” (Const 21)

Teresa lived fully her passion for the Church in concrete faces she went discovering in her lifetime, and that’s why she incarnated fully the charism of our Founder in four important points with which we define our mission according to our Constitutions:

Create communion;

Announce the beauty of the Church;

Restore hidden beauty;

Listen and respond with full availability to the most urgent needs of the Church.

We invite you for this MOMENT OF PRAYER in this day when we celebrate 125 annniversary of her birth, inviting to follow her footsteps as a disciples of Jesus and the one who knew to live palautian charism incarnated in every reality.