Palautian prayer for discernment and abandonment.

To D. Agustín Mañá: Barcelona

Ibiza, December 18, 1854


My most esteemed friend: You and Marieta must have already recovered from the shock, fear and terror caused without doubt by God’s anger; I am one with you in spirit in order that you will enjoy the feast of Christmas. For the moment, I remained exiled among these islanders and I mean to make the best of the occasion in order to profit from a perfect solitude.

Regarding the land of Horta I leave it to your disposition. Bankruptcy seems to be the only way out. 

If they want my long cloak or mantle and hat, they could take it. Besides I do not want to kill myself searching for the impossible. Let them take back their land and they will remain as it were. I am already prepared in case they would like to force me. As they will never find any property except misery and poverty, they will have little gain with me. However, if an amicable arrangement is possible, and I could make a sacrifice, I will make it.

For the rest, you and your wife keep in good health. Regards to Doña Antonieta and to her sister and family and dispose of this your affectionate and s.s.



The things still don’t go well. Palau has financial problems for maintaining his new project of Horta. He looks for solutions, but maybe bankruptcy will be the only one… He feels that his friends suffer it the way he himself does. He is ready to suffer all it takes, but maybe it is already a time to surrender…?


There is this beautiful prayer called „Prayer for serenity” which says: „Lord, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; wisdom to know the difference”. It came to mind mind that having known this prayer, Francisco Palau would pray it very often. In fact, it is a prayer for good discernment and abandonment. And I think that all of us we need it in every moment of our lives. We need to think first, not to be tossed by opinions of others, posts of social media that tent to create our mindset. In everything we need to seek the genuine truth. It’s not easy. And it’s only the first step. Because later comes time for action, that isn’t easy neither. But the most difficult part is to decide when to act, when to abstain from action and just let it be. Let us pray with all heart, in moments where there seems to be no hope, for this interior light to know what is right in every time. Because there is time to begin, and there is time to end. And God is the Lord of all times.