From just one community in Metro Manila, a good cause to help those in need has cascaded into a unity of different communities in the different cities and provinces across the Philippines.  “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan,” or in translation “Give according to your means, take according to your need” which has sparked and inspired others to help those who are greatly affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  From all walks of life, everyone was welcomed to share and to take according to their needs.

On the first Sunday of May (May 2, 2021), the CMT sisters held their own community pantry to give such a variety of food, condiments and essential items like bread, eggs, rice, and noodles — donated by the families and benefactors of the Center. The community project became a success especially because this was done together with the families and neighbors of Pleasantville Subdivision where the Center is located.

Every Sunday, after the mass has ended, the pantry is set up and different kinds of goods are donated from the families and neighbors of each Phases of the subdivision. Still following the health and safety protocols of the local government, the donated goods are laden and set up in tables to cater and be taken needed by anyone who are present in the venue. Following a strict social distancing and catering to those who have received the claim stub given, the pantry was distributed in an orderly and organized situation. The family beneficiaries of the Center were also one of those who were grateful to receive some produce to stop-gap the hardships and crisis everyone is facing. There were also those who were walk-ins from the vulnerable population who had heard about the news.

The bayanihan spirit of everyone was greatly evident in order to serve and provide for the hungry amid the pandemic. Which also resulted in giving hope, and a solidarity of everyone that no matter what status in life we have, we are always welcome to give, share and help those who are in need.

Queen of Carmel Community

Lucena City, Philippines