Pondering upon the gospel reading for this Sunday, I come to think about the journey of my faith.  I realized that the centrality of our faith is based on the relationship with God, who is the Trinity, one God but a relationship of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Abba (Father) relating to the Son (Jesus) and both equally relating with the Spirit (Holy Spirit) and the Spirit with them.

Our God, the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity are models for us of relationship. Their relationship is so powerful and creative.  Because of this power within them, they can create the universe. In the Gospel passage, Jesus illustrated the relationship between husband and wife.  Jesus said: What God has joined together; no human being must separate. Due to our sinful inclinations, a lot of broken marriages are destroyed.  A lot of faithful were not able to live up God’s plan for relationship.   We continue to damage and break the relationship with God and with others.

May these readings remind us to restore our relationship with God and with others (with our family members, with the people around us, with creation and even with our own self).  I am convinced that our God will be very happy if we collaborate with His grace to build good relationships with everyone.  God who is love continues to relate with each one of us amidst our own personal weaknesses and sinfulness.  That is why God wants to restore His relationship to us, His humanity.

Tomorrow is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.  He is also a model of relationship: a relationship with God, with others and with the entire creation.   Let us ask the help and intercession of him to teach us how to relate with God, with our neighbor and the creation: our brother Sun and our sister Moon.  God is a God of relationships.  He keeps inviting us to go into a deeper relationship with Him and with our fellow Christians.

As daughter of Blessed Francisco Palau together with the rest of the members who belong to our Palautian family, we are called to build and recreate relationships through our communion towards one another.  As our province is preparing for our Chapter with the theme: “Mission – Centered, we weave new relationships”,  it is good to be guided with the readings for today, on how we can truly weave a new kind of relationship that brings healing and restoration to our world and to the Church.  With prayer, I hope and I long that all the works of formation that our Congregation is providing us will really help and guide us to restore our broken and wounded relationship with God and with one another.

To end, let me just close with the following questions for reflection: what does it mean to me to restore a relationship with a Divine Person (with the Holy Trinity)?  How is my relationship with the CHURCH: GOD and NEIGHBOR?   How can I improve my relationship with God and neighbor?  What can I do to restore broken and wounded relationships of families and communities?

May God through the power and action of His Holy Spirit within us, renew and restore our relationship with one another and may we all give glory, honor and praise to God through our gentle and loving relationship towards one another.  Blessed are You, Lord God of RELATIONSHIP.  May you oh Lord, heal every wounded and broken relationship, of families, friends and religious community.  I pray most of all for the healing of the broken world.  May Your power of love restore and heal our world today.  AMEN.


Blessed Francisco Palau Community

Manila – Philippines