“We are expected to bear fruit because we are meant to be and that is our purpose to the one who created us. At the same time to Repent.”

As I reflect on the gospel of Luke for this 3rd Sunday of Lent, it reminds me of my favorite Christian song entitled “Pagkakaibigan.”   For me, it is the best picture and interpretation of its main message. It is the connectivity of the person to God and vis-à-vis God to us. It also entails what He wants for us, given the fact that we are all blessed with the grace we need.

There are two important things and an invitation in the gospel: First, to be aware. Awareness of the reason and purpose of my existence. I was and had been called to bear fruit amid my limitations and weaknesses.  As the song said:

Pinili ka’t hinirang upang mahalin.  Nang mamunga’t bunga mo’y panatilihin.

Humayo ka’t mamunga nang masagana,” Kagalakang walang hanggang ipamamana.

 Second, to REPENT. To bear fruit needs the attitude of repenting.

REPENT means:

R– review my life. Looking back at those moments where I have been connected and the moments I am not.  Moments that I bear fruit and not. Acknowledging the gifts that I have included all my flaws, that makes me “ME.”

E- embrace myself, accept my very self and own myself knowing that I am that kind of person. Acceptance may not be possible if the person, did not accept himself/herself.

P- pray for the grace we need each day and to accompany us always.

E- entrust and trust in God’s providence, for God, is God who never leaves us alone.

N- never give up to do good at all times, live the present moment, and lastly, be

Thankful always.  It is not only for the good things but also for the challenges of life.

As such, in the gospel, it was two times that Jesus invited the people to REPENT.  We need to be aware of who we are and who is God in our life.  It entails knowing what is the purpose and the reason for our existence.   I was called.  And each day, He is calling me to response to Him, to cultivate my soil, and allow Him to help me grow and bear fruit. As the song goes:

“Ang sinuman sa Aki’y nananahan, mananahan din ako sa Kanya,`

At kung siya’y mamunga nang masagana,

S’ya sa Ama’y nagbigay ng karangalan.”

 Those who stay with me, I will be there. Why? Because a person who knows the purpose and reason of his/her existence, answer the invitation of God to bear fruit.


Our Lady of Virtues Community

Pangantucan, Bukidnon