Father Palau loves mixing private life with business. It is not that he makes business only with his friends; it is that everyone with whom he makes business sooner or later becomes his friends. And not only him, but all his family, relatives, friends and neighbors as well. And once you are his friend, there is forever a place for you in his heart and his house.

I hope that some part of that spirit will be always present in the house of us, his spiritual daughters. That in our houses there will be always a warm place for our friends, a heartfelt greeting with a big embrace, a simple table made bigger with every guests who arrives to share our bread with them. That there will be always a concern for those with whom we were close once, even long time ago, but who remain in our memories and are cherished there, embraced with our prayers. That we may take any opportunity we have to visit a friend, to renew the bound, to sit together and share our stories. This way, through our relationships, we will continue proclaiming the beauty of the Church, this place where every person is welcomed and given attention according the their needs.


To D. Agustín Mañá: Barcelona

Es Cubells (Ibiza) August 20, 1856


Mr. Agustín Mañá:

Most esteemed friend: I received the letter of Serafina, and I rejoiced that she has gone through with the storm without serious damage. In such bad or worse circumstances the lesser evil is for peaceful persons to stay in the house restfully and be saved. Leaving may be more dangerous; one always suffers losses except, in some cases of favourable circumstances. If next time you will be threatened by such straits, you have here a cell besides the countryside where it will keep you safe from trouble. These troubles come without warning, when it comes they are already on top of you.

I have read the receipt of the land of Horta. It is now all right. Apart from the grand satisfaction that I have to embrace my friends, this complexity of the land is a motive that impels me to go to Barcelona as soon as the circumstances will not prohibit (I mean for some days).

It has been for some time that I do not know anything about Marieta, the one who used to come to me for confession. She was a daughter of a military, a very devout girl. I do not know if the plague or the war has taken her away. If she is alive, greet her and tell me something about her situation; whether her widowed mother died or has been in any trouble.

Greetings on my part to Marieta your wife; I did not forget the indulgences that she asked; it was only because of my laziness to write. I hope to have them printed and send them to her.

Tell Layeta and the rest of the family that on my part it made me very happy to know that they did not experience harm and likewise to Mrs. Antonieta.

Dispose of this your affectionate friend and s.s. y b.s.m.

Francisco Palau