In the parable, Jesus presents how God, in many mysterious and varied ways, calls people to himself by sending patriarchs, kings, and prophets. At first, God invited the chosen people, Israel. Later, God invited non-Jews who lived in Israel. Despite his repeated invitations, people rejected his offer, so God decided to extend his invitation to all the people outside of Israel.

The parable also leads us to a question: How many times did God have to send His servants to you before you responded? These servants that God commissions to go out and invite into his kingdom—who are these persons? Can you look around and see any of his servants? Often times, we take for granted God’s instruments, like our brothers and sisters, who are there to support us in times of necessity. Our parents, whose unconditional love sustains us in times of failure, our friends, teachers, caretakers, and nurses for people of all ages and backgrounds, priests, and religious brothers and sisters that stand with us through all of life’s hardships, joys, and sorrows to be witnesses of Christ’s love for us.

When God invites, it aims for the good of life. On the other hand, we cannot deny that the invitation to the kingdom of heaven is wide, yet we are free to say yes or no. There is a saying that if one likes to go, one may easily accept the invitation, but if not, there are millions of reasons to refuse that invitation. Our God is a persistent God, which is why he sends messengers not only once or twice but many times. We have to remember that the invitation is sent to everyone. If we could only understand what God has prepared for those who love Him, none of us would find any excuse not to come to the wedding feast.

So, are you called or invited to Christ’s kingdom? Of course, you are. The very fact that you are hearing the words of Christ from this passage in the Scripture assures you that you have been invited to God’s kingdom. You are one of the many who are called. We are called to acknowledge and recognize God’s instruments in our lives. Our Father Founder, Blessed Francisco Palau, said, “Place your trust in God, and he will never abandon you”. (Lt. 51) Demonstrate that you are chosen by trusting Jesus Christ today, recognizing God’s instrument, accepting His invitation, and being a messenger of God’s love, bringing people into His banquet.