In a stirring display of unity and faith, concerned citizens gathered at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Sariaya, Quezon, to kickstart the Alay-Lakad Dasal—an initiative aimed at halting quarry operations near Mt. Banahaw and other vital areas in Quezon Province.

The event, which commenced with a solemn Eucharist presided over by Reverend Fr. Warren Puno, Director of the Diocese of Lucena Ministry of Ecology, drew in church leaders, environmentalists, representatives from Catholic schools, religious figures, laypersons, and local residents of Sariaya.

During his impassioned homily, Rev. Fr. Raul Enriquez, an environmentalist and another priest who co-presided the mass, delivered a poignant message, encapsulating the spirit of the gathering: “If we cannot sue them in court, then let’s bring them to the ‘holy court’.” His words resonated deeply with those in attendance, igniting a fervent determination to protect the natural treasures of Quezon Province through spiritual and communal action.

Following the Eucharist, participants united in solidarity as they first presented their petition to the municipality government, urging them to take action to halt the quarry operations. With banners held high and prayers on their lips, they carried with them a Collective plea for the preservation of the environment and the well-being of their communities.

“Stop! Enough! This is the cry of the people,” echoed throughout the halls of municipal offices, resonating with the urgency and determination of those assembled.

After their meeting with the municipality officials, the assembled group proceeded to the quarry site in Lagnas, Sariaya, Quezon. With unwavering resolve, they made it clear that the preservation of Quezon Province’s natural heritage is a matter of paramount importance—one that transcends political boundaries and personal interests.

At the quarry site, amidst the echoes of chanting and prayers, the assembled voices raised their concerns once again, urging the municipality government to heed their call for action. With the support of local leaders, environmentalists, and concerned citizens, the Alay-Lakad Dasal serves as a powerful testament to the strength of community spirit and the unwavering commitment to safeguarding the environment for future generations.