MAY 17 – Fortitude

The pink carnation

After the roses and the lilies, the carnations come among the aromatic flowers. They are very common plants, easy to cultivate and they bloom throughout the seasons of the year; they have varied colors and they bloom abundantly. Its odor is very delicate and pleasant.


Fortitude is the third among the cardinal virtues. Magnanimity and magnificence, patience and perseverance are at her service. It has in the battle two acts, which are: to assail and to sustain until death the conquered territory. It goes forward rather than backward, wages offensive and defensive war. Prudence proposes well the means and the manner of what has to be practiced; in the function, in the act, in the actual, fortitude sustains the soul firm, unshaken, unchanging and constant until the end, until death. The carnation, once it is placed in the garden, sustains itself against the elements of the weather and amidst all vicissitudes it blooms throughout the seasons of the year. It pertains to this virtue and to its dependents the gift of fortitude.

Fortitude in Mary

Mary gave proofs of her fortitude in all the course of her life, but especially in the passion of her Son.

Carnation to Mary

Enter into the garden of your soul and see if the carnations are blooming. Examine your heart. Set your heart on the good, resolve to practice such and other virtue: are you firm, faithful and constant in its execution? What do you do when because of your virtue, persecution or contradiction occurs? Do you weaken? Do you step back? Stir up your courage, strength and spirit; undertake resolutely whatever action your prudence may propose and order you to execute in life’s situations; direct your life to God, and once the design is planned stick to it and fight against the obstacles until you overcome them: take your flowers and when you offer your intentions to the Queen, say to her:

Lady, here is the flower of the day: it is a bouquet of carnation. I present it to you as a symbol of an intention that I have conceived and it is that of putting my life in order in my actions, the order that my conscience dictates and that of maintaining it amidst the vicissitudes and the elements of this world and to persevere in it until death. I will be strong with the strength that I hope to receive from God through your mediation. Accept this flower.

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