MAY 16 – Friendship


These flowers have no odor, but they embellish the garden, and together with the fragrant and aromatic ones they supply what they lack, and since they also lack all the perfections of a flower, they serve no more than to adorn our bouquets and gardens

Veracity, friendship or affability and liberality

Veracity is a virtue that consists in appearing before men in words and deeds as one in him. Lying and hypocrisy are opposed to it. Affability is a virtue by which man behaves in a dignified, decent and becoming manner in his dealings, communications and relations with others.

Friendship is another virtue of justice by which a friend keeps for another the secrets and the confidences, loyalty and fidelity.

Liberality is a good quality that impels the maintenance of a just means between the extravagance, possession and accumulation of riches.

These virtues in Mary

1st. Mary was truthful, faithful, simple, without fantasy or hypocrisy: she told the truth, always, never told lies nor deny the truth.

2nd. She was sweet, docile, very amiable, courteous, faithful, loyal, and in her relationship with her neighbors she always observed decorum, decency and dignity.

Presentation of these flowers to Mary

All the virtues are necessary and they are to be practiced when the occasion comes. Are you truthful? In your relations with others are you gentle, sweet and affable, courteous or rather are you fierce, cruel, irascible and prone to anger, a liar, unfaithful, a hypocrite, and treacherous? Are you faithful to your friends or do you abuse their secrets entrusted to you? In the administration of the goods of fortune are you avaricious or generous? Think of it well, reflect on it well. Mary asks you today these flowers; gather them and entrusting them tell her:

Receive, Lady, these flowers as a manifestation of my veracity, of my affability and of my liberality. I promise you henceforth to be truthful, affable, liberal and easy to get along with. Accept Lady these vows and may they be fulfilled in and through me.

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