As we move slowly towards the promised “NEW NORMAL”, filled with many questions and uncertainty of how it will look like, we can find out that there were persons who lived permanently in newness of life, adapting themselves again and again to the changing circumstances of life. One of those persons was Francisco Palau OCD, who discovered a new way of living in the Church and for the Church.

Every tuesday (starting June 2, 2020) we invite you to approach to his message and to discover that even though he lived in XIX century, he can be a witness for all of us who are trying to live in this times of pandemic.

Let us begin today with this simple sentence: “Enter into the depths of the temple of your soul; remain there in silence and listen to the voice of your king Solomon, who always speaks to you from the throne of the altar that is deep down in your heart” (Letter 1). There is continous discussion among AITF, CBCP and other religious confessions about the possibility of reopening churches and allowing religious gatherings, assuring the fulfilment of minimum health protocols. In any case, let us remember that there is  temple where we can enter without necessity of mask, distance and worries: the temple of our souls. God is always waiting there for us, always speaking to us in the silence. We just need to enter and listen.

Let’s make it our NEW NORMAL!