„By loving you I am all yours, and you by loving me are all mine; as I am yours, and as you love me as flesh and part of your own body, this is what you will do, as you can and desire: you will sanctify me more and more, you will take care of me as your own flesh(MR 4,6).

Love is a curious thing. It makes close friends of strangers, it makes two different persons dream of the same things. In words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of „Little Prince”, love makes us „tamed”, makes us establish ties, makes us need each other. Love makes us belong. By our consecration, we belong to the Church, we establish ties with the Church. We need Church and the Church needs us. That’s the logic of love. And its consequence is that you care for what you love. In some way this the test of our sense of belongingness: what do we care for? Who do we care for? If we care more for our own interests, commodity, security, good name, honor position, etc., we still belong to ourselves. And many times we feel helpless with ourselves because we are not able to even comprehend all the mess that we are. But when we give up on our own interests, when we love the Church more than we love ourselves, suddenly we discover that we don’t need to take care of it all. God takes possession of us, of all of us, and he is in charge of us, as long as we take care of him. Simple, yet difficult. We need to take time to „tame” God, to learn about him, to get used to his ways and. And after some time, spend with patience and determination, we will be able to repeat after Francisco Palau: „-If you accept the offering, I am no longer my own, I am yours, and you will take care of me as of something which belongs to youTake care of me, for I am yours. –I will take care of you, for you are my possession (MR 2,7).


Aleksandra Nawrocka CMT