The poppies [papaver], espuelas and capuchinas

The poppies, the espuelas, the capuchinas and the many other flowers that we set aside in order to put them together with the thirty species already indicated, serve to embellish our gardens with their variety of colors and forms. The poppies (plant of the genus Papaver) are flowers of primary magnitude, beauty in its form and variety of colors (red, violet, yellow, white) with its stem rising so high; but take care that nobody touches them: they have no odor.

Eutropelia, or good manners in external gestures

Temperance has to put in order not only the internal activity of the soul but also the external movement of the body, the jumping, dancing, the gymnastics, and manners and way of dressing. In everything the rules of decency, respect, honesty, decorousness, modesty and seriousness have to prevail.

This virtue in Mary

Mary was as composed in her exterior as was fitting to her interior order and dignity. Nobody ever saw her dressed or walked sloppily; she was a model of decorum and moderation in her external attitude.

This virtue to Mary

The interior discomposure is externalized through the manners and exterior gestures. The disorder of the soul is then marked out at the front facade of the heart, which is the body. Does your exterior demonstrate composure? Do you observe order and moderation? Gather these flowers and since they lack fragrance put them together with the aromatic herbs of your garden and with the other flowers that will perfume your bouquet, and when you present them to Mary say:

I offer you moderation in all my external gestures, actions and movements. Receive my intentions and make them strong and efficacious.

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