Among the fragrant and aromatic plants that are esteemed and painstakingly cultivated in our gardens and embankments, the alabaca has the preference. Its flower has no value but together with the viola purple gillyflower it forms a bouquet.


Pride puffs up a person, exalts him and places him where he does not belong, makes him pretend to be the contrary of what he is and to boast of what he is not. So that we will not be poisoned by the pestiferous breath of this infernal head, we need a virtue that will abate our desires and appetites for worldly honor, glory, high office and greatness, and this virtue is humility. If nobody compresses, steps on, nor touches the alabaca, if the wind does not trouble it, it does not perfume the gardens; but when something goes against it, if it is stepped on and its leaves pressed, it is then that it exudes its odor and shows to us the sweetness of its perfumes; such is true humility.

Humility in Mary

Mary never thought that the Archangel would announce to her that she had been chosen for the high dignity of Mother of God. She considered herself the happiest among women with having only the chance to kiss the feet of that pure virgin who would be the Mother of the Savior. God saw the humility of his servant and exalted her.

The flower to Mary

Search for true humility in your soul. Do you delight in being what you are not? Do you boast about what you do not have? Do you wish to be before men what you are not before God? Do you desire vain glory, honor and greatness? If it is so, you are proud like the demons. Sit at the last place; let it be your delight to be treated the way a worthless sinner deserves. Be happy when you are insulted. Swallow and eat with pleasure and good appetite, the contempt and disgrace and when you put today your intentions in Mary’s hands, say to her:

Most humble and purest virgin: I accept willingly as something merited and deserved all the contempt, insults and humiliations that I may receive no matter where they come from. I want to be taken only for what I am, and I am a poor and miserable sinner. Receive my Queen this bouquet as emblem of my humility.

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