All of us, we are the Body of Christ. But what would happen to body if it had no flesh, no blood? It would become only dry bones. The prophet Ezekiel saw in his vision how God, through the breath of the spirit, gave life to the dry bones, how he covered them with flesh and blood so it might live (Ez 37,1-14). When the breath of the Holy Spirit, of unconditional self-sacrificing love, breathes freely among us, we can be clothed with the flesh of Christ, we can become hid Body united in love: The Church of God.

The Church invites us today to celebrate the Mystery of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. We remember and make life the salvific event of Father offering his Son to the world so that, through Him and the Holy Spirit, the world will have life. But for palautian family, this Mystery is at the same time the Mystery of the Church. The Church in the altar is united to Christ as the Body is united to its Head.

If we are able to feel and love, if we are able to see our brothers and sisters united to us, it’s time now to do what is at our hand to take care of this Body that is also ours. When something hurts us, immediately we run to a doctor. When we cry, we look for consolation of people close to us. When life is getting hard, we look for someone who could share our burdens. Today the Church is asking us to be doctors, to console and to share in other’s hardships. She is asking us to take care of the members of our own body.

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