I would prefer to escape from this commentary, but my mind flies again and again to the same topic. It must be for a reason…

Since Abel, the blood and cry of all human being violated (there are many forms of violating and killing) by other “human being”, “cries unto heaven”, wounds God. And God is asking accounts to Cain; would he be God if he wouldn’t? Cain cannot escape God nor his own conscience that speaks to him about truth… nor he can escape from the consequences of his attempts against life… This story is repeating again and again. Where this way of vengeance and violence can stop? God, who allows use and abuse of freedom by human beings, seems exposed to frustration.

Can his work get aborted?

Humanity initiates again and again the good direction. There were always individuals of great quality in every human generation: thanks to them the history continues. Always, surrounding them, there are also those who, guided by jealousy, desires of power… many times hidden under the cape of good, provoke disasters (Jose Luis Elorza)

Among these persons of quality, I include Mommy Angel. She was able to give her children an immense gift: the experience of a family. An experience that heals stimulates them. An experience that gives back the meaning to their lives and even to their deaths. What a pure heart those of children; after experiencing so much horror they are able to continue welcoming the goodness and tenderness. More: they are able to detect the goodness and tenderness.

These are words of Mary to Mommy Angel:

“Mommy Angel, I would like to recover so I could go home, with my brothers, with you, with mysterious grandma and others in home, but I cannot do it, my body is tires (I heard medics saying that my body was exhausted as if I was 70 years old, and I am only 8). I know I will die, but I am not afraid, because grandma said that you had a home in heaven and I would go there. And you, when will you come with me? Here we could live together very well and I would know your face. Mommy Angel, I am not afraid, because you give me a gift of a family, and this is the best thing ever. I am happy, mommy Angel, I am not afraid, come what may I will be in home that you constructed for me, surrounded by love of this family you gave me. The houseparent passed to me all your messages and this made me very happy all these months. Whole this year I had no fear, I didn’t feel alone but loved. Thank you, Mommy Angel. If you change your mind, you can come with me to this house in heaven”

Today, in this context that surrounds me, I cannot silence this cry:

Where is this big family?

Where are my brothers?

Where are my sisters?

Where is the family that protects and accompanies these children and teenagers?

It is the cry filled with pain that eats my heart and makes me maintain this fight to maintain my hope.

“We are not alone in this fight”, a person dear to me was telling me few days ago, but in spite of these words, the reality claims: we are not alone, but almost… I am sorry for brutality of my words.

Where are they?

Where are they busy?

In what are they entertained?

Can’t they see that they are needed?