Yes, my friend, who is reading this. I didn’t make a mistake. You may be thinking why am I saying this today, when we talk about children and teenagers victims of trafficking in persons. Well, today I would like to tell you about God who, I think, is also a victim of trafficking and abuse.

For this, you need to allow me to direct my words in a special way to my brothers and sisters who believe in God. I know that some declared atheists are also reading these lines, and today I ask you for some more patience. I know you need to exercise it every day, today just little more. Maybe even you will get happy reading it, but I assure you that, depending on what faith in God and depending on what God,


My reflections comes from some dialogues with the persons who believe, even belong to defined religious groups, who make me shiver inside. And I need to shout for those who want to listen:

  • God suffers from trafficking when those, who proclaim to follow Him, don’t listen cries of those who suffer.
  • God suffers from trafficking when, instead of collaborating and centering in the real victims, we make ourselves victims and we only talk and think about ourselves, maybe because we believe that someone should respect us more… Sorry, but God suffers from trafficking while we close ourselves in our comfortable, superficial and empty lives.
  • God suffers from trafficking when anyone of us puts herself above any other person and humiliates. And God suffers from trafficking when we use His name or His will to calm our conscience and keep going with our stuff and business.
  • God suffers from trafficking when we tend to justify as His will all that is happening in the world. Can you really believe that God wants children to suffer atrocities? Can you believe that this is the will of God? Is it really calming down your conscience? Because this supposes to use the name of God in vain, to make the God of mercy and love responsible for the suffering of his children.
  • God suffers from trafficking when the just one has to explain herself and even hide, meanwhile the guilty ones continue with their lives no matter how much it costs…
  • God suffers from trafficking when in order to justify our negligence we say that there were always martyrs, as if God wanted it to happen!
  • God suffers from trafficking when you look for thousands of excuses to justify your actions not so transparent and lack of solidarity, instead of putting all your talents in the service of good.

Maybe listening the testimony of this another Mary (they are so many) will soften a little your heart, if you are one of those who have it hard and dry, and for sure if you are one of those who maintain themselves sensible and active, it will give you courage to continue committed in the cause of the little ones. With this desire I present it to you today. In every Mary and in every Joseph, God suffers and asks for your help. Don’t forget it, my brother, my sister who believes. God is there.

I was lucky that they encountered me, but there are so many that were not found and they die and will be dying there, because those who see it, do nothing, those who know act as if they were stupid… They are not interested…

We are money and their warranty, noone would like to lose a fortune… That’s why we love mommy angel, because while many are comfortable in their many office activities and reunions and feasts and events, others suffer terrible tortures and sex with those gross pigs… While many are sleeping tranquil, for us the nights are eternal and scary… and since one year ago mommy angel rescued us from that and from all what might come.

She didn’t say anything to us, but I am sure that she would renounce many things because of us… Sometimes her tired voice tells me that she suffers it together with us… and this only a mother can do.

I will die, but mommy angel gave me life… I am only afraid that she might be able to continue rescuing all who are still lacking. I would like so much to help her and that together we could do more and more.

Allow yourself to open your mind

and allow God to speak to your heart!