Yes, weekend, august, vacations, feast. Maybe for me, also for you who is reading this, for sure. But…

NOT for 40,000.00 of children and teenagers

who are waiting trembling and scared

what this weekend will bring of horror and suffering

It took me some time to be grow aware of this reality. Weekends, times for rest (summer vacations, Christmas…) are used the most by those who just keep inventing horrors to satisfy their aberrant and insane desires of pleasure, by those who find pleasure only in submitting other to feel they are powerful. How courageous they are in front of little and undefended children, in front of teenagers and adults in conditions of inferiority!

But be careful, I’ve learned not only about times, I am also making an intensive course about the way that leads to it. And I feel that also in my life I have travel for some part of this way. Maybe if you think about it slowly and sincerely, you may find yourself reflected in some way.

It seems so easy to submit others from cultural positions of “superiority”; from roles that give authority, many times under the cape of good for others or service, but without counting with him/her of even without giving potential to his/her liberty! How easy it is, in some ambiences, even decide what other should eat, what tablet take or how she/he should entertain or get bored! Really, this topic could give space to whole master degree about how we manage our relationships.

But it is not where I want to center my reflection today, but in the necessity, in urgency for you to PRAY INTENSELY THIS FRIDAY. Many children and teenagers are crying to be rescued.


And may you crying ask God to encounter the way for them to be rescued today. God wants it. I have no doubts. But He also needs our collaboration. With our prayer and our commitment for life. I am sure that with these ingredients He will make miracles. We have lived them in this time when a group of sisters and lay persons were fully committed with our decisions and our our prayer in this cause. It seems that more force is necessary.

  • If you were there but you desisted, have courage: begin anew.
  • If you want to unite yourself: we need you, the children and teenagers need you.

Listen to their cries: these voices, it could be any one of us, that in some way they might experience and are waiting for.

– And there were many voices saying they would encounter us and there were many children who continued with the monsters. And, if they had rescued me, why shouldn’t they rescue others? We all suffer and those voices want to rescue us.

– Who are they, Mary, those voices, are they in your head?

Mary gets annoyed.

– No!!! Not in my head, I am not crazy. Those people who came to visit us and told us to cry louder so they might encounter us, those persons will rescue other children. The one who embraced me told me so. And they were saying so to one man and this man is powerful and he will do it.

Her embrace was so delicate.

– Mary, who are they?

– I don’t know, I don’t know them, but they are good people… Thanks to them we were shouting and you found us in the well.

They continue in the hands of the monsters.

You and me, in outing this weekend.

Is it too much to ask you to question your life

and collaborate, at least with your prayer?