This Sunday’s Gospel (Mt 21:33-43) tells us about the vineyard that an owner planted, the rodeo of care and protection. Then he snatched it and went on a trip, at harvest time he sent his workers to harvest, but they were mistreated and some killed by the tenants and their workers, then sent other workers and the same thing happened, in the end he sent his son. Thinking maybe they would respect him but the worst happened, they killed him. This Gospel we know refers to the history of the people of Israel, but in this reflection I invite you to see this vineyard as our soul.

The vineyard within us, our God the Father created it with his love for each of us, and made it even in his image and likeness. Then put it in our hands for his growth and care. For this he also sent us helpers to care for it, for its growth and to bear fruit in her time.

Now let us delve into the history of our inner vineyard, let us take a tour of its history. Who have been the workers? Who have come to help me in my growth, in the care of my Christian being? What are their names? How do parents, family, friends, teachers, priests, religious, community brothers, superiors have with me? Who’s gone because I fired them from my life and why? Who left on their own? Who have I mistreated, ignored, or taken for granted in my life? Who remains? When Jesus came into my life, how did I receive it? And how His stay in my vineyard been since he came to it?

The history of our vineyard is full of faces, names, experiences, battles, struggles, triumphs and successes and above all, love and mercy on God’s part.  All these people who were remembered are involved in all this history. Let us thank God for having put them on our way, the shared and dedicated life they have put in us. And ask forgiveness for having mistreated, rejected and killed in our hearts those whom God put on our way and for not recognizing them as His envoys.

Alluding to the first reading (Isaiah 5, 1) which begins by saying “I will sing on behalf of my friend a song of love to his vineyard”. I also invite you to sing a song of love to our vineyard; this vineyard that grows within us and which we must continue to care for, to water and protect with the grace of God and the companions on the way.



Sister Maria Soledad

Comunidad Padre Francisco Palau, Manila