I have not experienced feeling orphan, but I have felt alone sometimes in my life… That’s why the Father ‘feels’ the need to send us the Son, so we will not be alone… Later the two, Father and Son, sent us the Holy Spirit, to be our companion forever. Sometimes, we also are worried about salvation and condemnation, if we will go to heaven, etc. The gospel today assures us that if we believe in Jesus, we will be saved, we will not be condemned. If they -the Trinity- prepared for us a ‘life program’ to be happy…, how come that we, sometimes, condemn others, even without reasons?… as if we, like the others, would perish! Rather, we should be preoccupied in making others glad, in giving quality of presence and good ‘company’ to others, as Jesus and the Holy Spirit did and do today…; that nobody will feel orphan or alone because of us, but will start experiencing heaven -eternal life- here on earth! We know by our saints that God, the Trinity, dwells within us and that we live in the heart of the Trinity. John of the Cross says:

“There would not be a true and total transformation if the soul were not transformed in the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity in an open and manifest degree… One should not think it impossible that the soul be capable of so sublime an activity as this breathing in God, through participation as God breaths in her. For, granted that God favors her by union with the Most Holy Trinity, in which she becomes deiform and God through participation… This is transformation in the three persons in power and wisdom and love, and thus the soul is like God through this transformation. He created her in His image and likeness that she might attain such resemblance” (C 39, 3-4).

Francisco Palau, in what we use to call palautian creed, says: “1st I believe that you exist, that you are the only object of love assigned by the law of grace ‘Thou shalt love…’, etc… 9th That in you love is the Holy Spirit that is effused over all the members of the body, corresponds with love to him who love him. It does not have the substance like ours, but it has spirit and this is the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity that gives you life, movement, virtue, grace and glory; you have intellect, and this is in your head which is Christ, the Son of the living God, and man Son of Mary the Virgin; and with the Son and the Holy Spirit is the Father as the principle whence proceed the other two; in you, with you, and through you, works the One, Triune God…” (MR 22, 20)

We, as women, are gifted to be ‘mothers’, to use our femininity by sincere welcoming, caring, genuine service… to others… -as we could feel in the womb of the Trinity-. The call is to be like them. In us, with us and through us God Triune and One works. Let us not put obstacles with our egoism, to be used by God to be His ‘body’ today.


Sr. Gloria Alonso, cmt