One of the rules of the one who receives communion is that first he must make an act of love, perfect if possible, preceded by an act of faith and hope. An act of perfect charity is nothing but a total, perfect surrender of oneself to God, because by the law of charity, by loving, the one who loves gives himself to the one loved. Before an act of charity (love of God and neighbour), gives himself to Christ with all the more perfection, the more perfect is this act. One receives holy communion, or a thousand, and the congregation of communicants, which is the Church, gives itself to the Spouse loving the Head and all the members of His moral Body. And when the Sacrament touches the flesh, if the Spouse receives a kiss and accepts the gift, and the surrender of the Lover, he also in his turn, receives, accepts and embraces his Spouse strengthening and corroborating with his graces and gifts her faith, her hope and her charity. From this mutual surrender follow sharing of goods and the marriage union

(Fr. Palau, My Relationships 3,10)

Love is nothing else but a total and perfect surrender of oneself to God. It is the only way to live united with God, and this becomes fully completed in Eucharist. It’s the great mystery of mutual love of a person and the Church: mutual give and receive of each one just as we are, in unconditional love. An embrace so complete that gives strength for every moment of life. The way we embrace Christ, the way He embraces us in the sacrament of the Eucharist, we should also embrace Him in the “sacrament of a brother”. This way our union with the Church will be full and complete.

Invitation for silence:

In a perfect act of love, surrender to God all of you: your fears, plans, schemes, schedules, limitations… Allow him to touch it, embrace, kiss and give you the strength, hope, faith and love that you need to serve the Church.

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