We are just about to begin the Advent, time for waiting and hope. A point of beginning the last month of the year. These two circumstances, if being alive-loved-able to love is still not enough, invite us to give love.

Our offer today: capsules of fraternity.

But, what is this?

A remedy to promote gentleness, tenderness, solidarity. A simple cure, homemade, ecological for the world lacking of tenderness. Simple gestures of love toward oneself and those who surround us.

In few words: a cup of ideas expressed in sentences, offers of some gestures of fraternity, solidarity and gentleness.

To pick every day one sentence and try to make it a gesture in the following 24 hours.

Inspiring for you. And also (why not!) appropriate to prepare a DIY gift: a jar for the capsules of fraternity.

How to do it?

It’s very easy:

  1. download and print the template with ideas, prospect and etiquette to personalize your jar – capsules of fraternity
  2. adorne your jar (or a box, if you prefer)
  3. put the prospect and inspiring sentences inside: cut them, fold or roll and tie with a piece of colorful material.

Use only in your family, community or give to your neighbor, friend… whoever you wish.