The fear that some of the objects of the School of Virtue might be appropriated by strangers had been growing in Palau’s mind, so he has taken a decision. He tells his friends in a veiled way so that they may not be unprepared: Ramon Espasa will take take of saving the statue of Our Lady with his boat.

As always, Palau is very much concerned about the health of his friends. He never doubts to ask and to show his care for those who accompanied him in good fortune and in distress. But what is most important, he never forgets to present them before God, „taking advantage” especially of those rare moments when he enjoys complete solitude, and where God listens the best: in complete silence.

Our life is full with daily activities, ordinary business while we struggle to live a worthy life and contribute to the life of others. And this is great, God created us as His collaborators. The thing is that in the middle of these activities, we often forget to listen to his voice. We don’t have time anymore to go for a walk with him, like Adam was doing every evening. In the solitude of a garden it is easy to listen to God’s voice. But it is also easier to listen to other voices that speak on the desserts, like Jesus did for forty days and nights.

Just before I started to write I had received a message from a friend: her grandmother died, she was asking for prayers. I asked if there was anything we could do for her. She replied that all she needed was a prayer. If you are reading this, please pray for this intention, but pray from the bottom of this profound silence knowing that „God cannot but listen to us because we speak in the midst of complete silence.

To D. Agustín Mañá: Barcelona

Es Cubells (Ibiza) May 6, 1855


My most esteemed friend: I received your letter and I read it with great pleasure and interest as coming from a real friend. Your health condition caused me much sorrow and I will not fail to offer the daily sacrifice of the Mass for your recovery. While I was celebrating the silence was so profound in this solitude that I have an impression that God could not but listen to us because we have spoken in the midst of complete silence.

Juana wrote to you and I see that you did not receive her letter. In any case, she is waiting for an answer. She sent greetings to you and to Mrs. Marieta to whom I am planning to write a very serious letter that will not take long in coming. It treats on her work in the sacristy of the Virgin of Virtues. Where is this lady? Here goes the topic I will discuss later, a matter of grave concern and interest where the director, guardians and in charge of sacristy have a role to play. Hail Mary.

For the rest, Ramón has one boat and it is equipped not with cannons but with holy pictures, scapulars, etc., do not dare to present in defense of the courtesan Virgin. That of the Virtues will give him enough matters to defend her real throne and person.

You are sick and Marieta is without doubt well. This goes by turns. Biel was here and I have tried to get news about you. I hope you will recover your health soon. If you will not work in Barcelona, inform me and Ramón will go with his boat to fetch you.

Greetings to our friends and dispose of this your faithful friend, father and servant,