The coming of Jesus Christ is happening in a silence, peaceful and surprising way. He arrived in the moment of peace, in life distracted by daily business proper of a young girl. With the only perspective of marriage and project of life that presented only the business of organizing a new home, new house. A wedding and all what it brings with it.

And from one moment to another this life and plans change totally and are put into risk. All of this had to produce fear in Mary, questions, consternation. Not only because of her projects, but also because of her whole person, her own reputation that also will be questioned.

The joy of greetings of the Angel, in first moment, more than joy is disturbance, crisis, question and expectation. Te central message of becoming mother of God, mother of Savior, is surprising, but the One from whom the message is coming is not unknown; Mary was a woman of prayer, she knows Him, she has already grown in friendship with the One who is sending the Angel. And what is so incomprehensible is affirmed by the miracle of life, by the one who has already stopped waiting, although still asking: pregnancy of her cousin Elisabeth.

And in front of all of this, she trusts, becoming a mean of salvation. Her maternity is not a personal privilege, but a service to God and neighbor, a medicine that cures and heals the wound of original sin, rebuilds a human person in his brokenness that denies his own creator. Mary makes possible for God to know our humanity, our fragility and sin, but at the same time, makes it possible for humans to know our divinity and to know that we are unique, in the midst of all creatures.

It is not anymore a matter of preparing something, like physical place for God, because this is our temptation: to give only exterior things, even expecting it from the others, material things that has nothing in common wit ourselves; it is this temptation of David o make a beautiful and majestic place. Byt God doesn’t need it. He wants us to give him our whole being, our life, our thoughts, our desires, aspirations, ourselves. And when we are able to do so, God receives it, and taking from us our poverty, he makes marvels consolidating kingdom of David, consolidating our lives and family, where the blessings become abundant and real for you and your loved ones.

What are you ready to give God? Are you ready for your life to become a mean of salvation, like the life of Mary? What are you ready to give this Christmas, from your relationship of friendship with God of Jesus Christ: peace, harmony, justice, love, charity?


Fr. Wilson Ascensio Callejas