In these times we are living in, the mystical and spiritual experience is something difficult for us, and it’s curious because it is also when there is much thirst for God, for spirituality. For interiority. We are scared to enter into our interior, into silence, into our most profound self.

I think this is also the reason why it’s also difficult to experience love. Not sentimentalism, falling in love, those glints that make it all so idyllic, but love that means sacrifice, struggle, firm option for another persons and for a project that includes another person beside of myself. That’s what Song of Song describes: a passionate love that calls to life, a mutual love, love that seals and accompanies in journey that leads into fullness of life.

The one who loves, gives and asks for love, desires ardently to encounter the beloved one, is pleased with seeing and listening to the beloved. A passionate love of encounter. The experience of love is what we celebrate on Christmas time: a passionate love of God for every human person, this God who is coming to encounter us and who gives Himself totally. God who makes his own the desires, aspirations of humanity which He loves and wants to save.

It is this tender story of encounter with who we are and who we aspire to be. In Mary we find this „getting out” of ourselves, going out to meet others, their necessities, to give and donate our presence to others. And in this encounter we can see realities so deep that it becomes a mystical experience, and there are no words that can explain it. In this encounter between Mary and Elisabeth, it is manifested in this „jump” of their wombs, where John and Jesus encounter and acknowledge one another.

Mary becomes a presence, company, consolation, medicine in our moments of difficulties and necessities, who shows us always her Son, who comes to encounter us and invites us to allow him to be born in our heart and to guide our existence. In the end, it as a call to make an option for God, for his love. It is to prepare ourselves to become a „manger” to welcome Him and to dispone all that we are and have for Him to have his place. And that his birth in our life will transform it and make it full.

Are you ready to be loved? To make an option for God? Are you on your way becoming loving presence and medicine for others?


Fr. Wilson Ascencio Callejas