The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will come to rest on you

The great things happen under the influence of the Holy Spirit; when we allow him to come on us, this shadow of power from above will do miracles in every step we take.

 „There is nothing impossible for God”

If we had a heart of believer, we would rest assured that there is nothing impossible for God; we need to trust more in Him.

„Behold the servant of the Lord”

I believe that the lack of commitment with our faith is shown in the fact that we don’t accept our role as the SLAVES of the Lord. We all want to be lords and ladies, but without this spirit of service, of slavery, of servant… we lose the taste of christians, followers of Jesus Christ, who came to serve and to be served.

„May it be done to me according to your word”

The answer of a humble servant is availability, openness and sacrifice. May it be done!

It was clear for Fr. Palau: „What can I do for you? For you I risk it all!”

Mary is the protagonist of today’s Gospel; let us look at her and learn form her the meaning of availability, service and sacrifice. May Jesus who is born to live among us and dwells i us, be the one to teach us those values; may Jesus, Francisco Palau, Sister Teresa Mira and many sisters who preceded us offering themselves, become for us models of identification that will move us to offer ourselves every day.