It seems unfair what the Gospel says.  If we are going to look into the Gospel reading come to think of it, those who receive more will benefit more, while those who receive less will continue to lose more. Quite hard to understand. Difficult to accept.

When you have the skills and it is enriched, you will benefit even more.  Meanwhile, when you do not use or develop your ability, you lose it.  Some people have skill for acting, dancing, singing, and writing but never use it. For this reason, the moment may come when they are unable to act, sing, dance, or tell a story, what a pity!

In the Gospel, Matthew 25:14-30, the different types of people entrusted by the Lord are shown.  Both have been rewarding because the money was used in the trade and it grew.  The third was afraid of the Lord.  So, he buried it in the ground.  Although he was told he was lazy, the truth was that it was not laziness that motivated him but fear.  After all, it’s harder to dig up the soil than to deposit in the bank.  The third servant is a picture of people who did not take advantage to use his talents wisely.  It is being hidden and buried in the void so it does not bear fruit.  Due to negligence it spontaneously disappears.

All of us have the ability and wisdom reserved for God.  It is our duty to cultivate them in recognition of the goodness of the Creator.  Creation continues through people who work and participate in God’s creative work.

Everyone has a role to play to beautify the world they are aware of.  Hoping no one is lazy. No Christian is lazy.  Everyone is working hard.  All works. The more we have, the more we will have.

 “Can God trust us with the many talents He gifted us?”  “Who are we in the servants in the Gospel?”