When Elijah was waiting for God in thunder, storm, earthquake, He encountered his prophet in a silent breeze. When mothers of great kings were living in palaces, God chose a simple poor girl to become his own mother. When everyone was expecting God to come in his power and might, he made himself a small baby, born in a forgotten corner of the world. „How far I was from believing you were who you are!” (MR 22,14). How far we were from expecting it all would happen! How far we still are from believing that what is small, simple, insignificant, tender and forgotten, has power of saving the world! „I know you because you let yourself be known…” (MR 10,22). God reveals himself in a baby, but are we ready to understand and welcome this mystery? We reject everything that is uncomfortable, that changes our plans, that complicates our lives, that demands from us maturity and responsibility, just like this baby did to Mary and Joseph. Just like many babies do. „Why didnt  you make yourself known sooner…?” (MR 22,17) Wasn’t there anyone who would agree to take part in your crazy project? Would we today?

When I look at God made a baby, I ask for Mary’s courage and Joseph’s silence. Courage to say „yes” to any of your crazy plans. Silence to hear your voice even when I sleep. And for littleness, like your own, to become a baby in the womb of Mary so I may learn to trust in God, to hope in his paternal protection, and do not be afraid that I will be abandoned” (Letter 46,3).