All happening, even the simplest one, is preceded by a series of signs, previsions, to make it a moment of joy and feast. Encounter and celebration. For this there is always a responsible person, someone in-charge of different actions and obligations. There are those who spread the news and invites to participate (today we would do it through e-mails, social apps and publications in different social media). In some cases this invitation is made in an exclusive and personal way.

This what today’s reading are announcing to us. The first reading with the sending of a messenger. Lucas, with the story of John’s birth, that marks a change according to the expectations of what we hope for. All of these create expectation and questions about the future of this child and, in some way, about the future of the whole nation.

Zachariah is also a kind of provocation for us: impossibility to communicate with voice is a sign of some blockages that can happen to us when we resist to the plan of God and we want to make our own plans and we don’t believe in His intervention in our life and our previsions. Accepting what God has prepared for us makes us free from all that enslaves us and breaks communion with others.

By the other hand, prophet Malachi says that when He will come, his presence will purify it all, will draw the best of us, will renew our relationships and feelings. It will turn us towards the others in authentic way. Certainly, knowing the figure of melting pot for gold, it won’t be an easy project, or comfortable, because we will be demanded to detach from all that is not allowing us to be authentic, even when we think is indispensable and very necessary for our life.

We are at the door of Christmas celebrating Lord’s birth, the one that happened in one moment of our history and made him one of us, a moment that invites us to rejoice, to celebrate, to encounter, to prepare to receive him and enjoy all that He wishes to do in our life, to cleanse all that harms us, to show us hope of a possible future.

It’s possible that there will be thousands of reasons why you don’t like surprises, for everything his birth is offering and inviting us to. Absences, losses, sufferings, sickness, betrayals… put yourself a word that you feel discourages you… or continue looking for different reasons… the point is that if you accept Him, if you leave for him some space in your life, if you offer Him all those reasons, He will transform your life. Have courage, ask, allow him to melt it all and this way you will be able to experience all that this baby brings.


Fr. Wilson Ascencio Callejas