It’s time to keep on weaving, isn’t it?

When you feel loved, called, passionate… You overcome every obstacle to achieve your goal. Something like that is happening here: our assembly members are still revising the fabric, some of which is frayed…

So they have set about checking all the instruments at their disposal. The box of threads with which to mend… and they have even asked for more lights on the loom.

This Friday, 12 February, devoted to listening to what resonates in the Magisterium and in the Church. Three documents for this moment:

  • one, dedicated to “Review of our relationships”, contribution of the General Team of Palautian Spirituality,
  • a selection of texts from “Laudato si” and
  • Palautian reflections on “Fratelli Tutti”, by sister Aleksandra Nawrocka.

What emerged from the personal reflection on these contents has subsequently resonated in the working groups. It is now time to reveal which of the calls that we have been sensing during these days have found their confirmation in today’s reflections. The whole day of lights that have to sharpen the look and to contribute to the improvement of the congregational fabric so that this one shelters better the brothers, this Church that I have in front of me.

Don’t be surprised by these photos with their hands drawn. Hands are needed for the work to flourish: personal and community commitment is needed to make what we sense in our hearts a reality. We need attitudes to build together a world where we are all brothers and sisters, where the beauty of God is revealed in me and in you. That is why in the prayer at the beginning of today’s session we have arranged our hands and our attitudes. At 7.00 p.m. in Rome, we began to pray and to share the nuances left in all of us by what we had received and prayed this day. To keep on weaving together…