It has been a day of a lot of connection… also this digital one.

And to test the methodology of sacred circles: listening, resonances, inspirations, calls… A method that helps to prioritise what is essential, facilitates, even if it is difficult to use because it is new. It will make it possible to rescue what needs to be strengthened at this time. Giving an idea of concrete points to learn and to give with more insistence from this congregational and ecclesial event.

What is the Church calling us to today, how do we weave together in order to give answers?

The whole Assembly, the concerns that have been perceived, sensing, hearing calls in the depths of the hearts, now have to be prophetically pronounced word, announced and lived in the Carmel Palautiano. To be incarnated in the day to day, in choices and actions.

Just as weaving involves learning new techniques, improving, using threads of different colours, textures… The same with our processes. So…

What better than to listen to us? Not only “by provinces”, by “sections”… but to unite our hearts and listen to each other. In interprovincial groups, in online connections. Leaving the door open so that others can join in to live this experience, this same passion for God and for the brothers.

Some assembly members shared at the end of Saturday’s day: “It was not difficult to share, but the technology made it difficult at times to come to an agreement”. “It was very rich to share, both in the morning and in the afternoon. It was a bit difficult to connect at times. It was difficult to prioritise, to agree.

The distance was enriching while at the same time making the work more arduous. Several of them felt the richness of sharing with sisters from other sites, a richness that they had missed in the previous days, when working in the same physical place, was at the same time a challenge. Except for Sister Chrezann, if you remember, who, due to difficulties caused by the pandemic, had to participate online in the work of “her headquarters” from the very beginning.

Having adopted the methodology of the sacred circles, the sisters have experienced that it has been difficult not so much to share as to leave things, the concepts that we are used to using on a personal or congregational level. And that reaching a consensus from a distance is even more difficult.

And how is the weaving going? And why are we entangled? What’s it all about?

This… at the end of the Assembly.