In today’s Gospel we can see Jesus when he enters Jerusalem as Messiah, King of Israel, proclaimed by the people. In this beginning of the Holy Week, Jesus wants to enter in our lives, too. How do I receive Him? How do I proclaim Him? Do I allow Him to reign in my heart, do I proclaim Him truly as the king of my life?

In the moment we raise our palms during holy mass, let us think: Do I receive Him with false or true illusions? Let us transpose to this moment of the triumphant entrance of Jesus and let us meditate: Where do I place myself? In the midst of the people, among the priests, the observers? Or in the simple ox that brings Jesus?

Jesus, you are the King of love. This Holy Week, may we experience your pardon and mercy. May we not be indifferent to your coming. Give us the grace of being able to receive you in our life and our heart. We love you, Lord, and we want you to come to our interior bringing your peace, your joy, your love.