“Who is the greatest?” That was the argument of the disciple of Jesus along the way.  In following Jesus, the disciples aspire to greatness, especially when they see Him how people honor and acclaim Him.

One of us could aim and claim to be great. There is nothing wrong about it, but what happen is, when we fail to look at the essence, meaning and values of greatness, we tend to compete rather than to work together for the good of all. We forgot that the reason of our existence is for others and for God’s glory and not for us alone.  We forgot to humble yourself and acknowledge that our own greatness is Jesus – our model of true greatness.  He had been great because He is always attuned to the will of the Father and do the will of the Father. With humility, even till death He do the will of the Father for our sake.  For this, Jesus set a child as an example of one who is great in their eyes and before God.

They were discussing among themselves who was the greatest while Jesus is with them.  When they were asked by Jesus what they were talking, they just kept silent.  Jesus knew what they were discussing along the way.  For the disciple to understand the meaning of being great, He asked the disciple to identify themselves with children. Children are those who are innocent, who are considered less important and insignificant according to the world’s standard, but of course for God, they are truly great because they have no personal claim to greatness.

And therefore, the gospel for this Sunday invite us to be great in the eyes of God as we do our task that is entrusted in our care.  We are called to do the three I’s – Inspired, inspiring and inspiration. Inspired to make our life inspiring for others so that our life may be an inspiration for all.  In humble service, in doing things for the service of God even in the cause that it will turn us to be “useless” servant but we still remain steadfast in God’s presence.  Just like a tagalog expression: “kahit napapagod, ‘wag titigil, pwedeng magpahinga pero hindi titigil.” (even you feel tired, do not stop, you can rest but do not stop).  Never be afraid to stir the course of our life even in the point we turned to be “useless” in doing and sharing in God’s mission.  Simply, continue saying, “YES!” to God in doing things for the service of God.  Just like a child, allowing God to be the reason for us to be great in His sight.  Amen.

Our Lady of Virtues Community

Pangantucan, Filipinas