Every time I go back to my teenage years, there are simple details that I will I always remember: receiving “love letters.”  Well, I do not receive a lot of letters but I have had few of which I kept for several years.  Love letters are expressions of love in a written form.  I usually received love letters not only from an admirer but also from friends and family members.  I used to keep love letters and letters, for me to re-read and  re-read again and again.  It is savoring the sweetness of the words that the person writes and remembering him/her as well.  However, love letters are not just an expression of love, but also an expression of concern and encouragement.

Fr. Palau wrote different kinds of letters to his friends, people in authorities, spiritual daughters and sons in expressing his love, concern, appreciations, emotions, courage, difficulties, questions and experiences. His letters addressing to his daughters are all relevant and alive until this time. We are blessed that we, his children could able to read his letters and experience the encouragement of a father.

Our Gospel reading for this 3rd week of the ordinary time, Jesus, somehow opened a love letter from the prophet Isaiah and read to the people in the synagogue. He made them attentive, leaving in peace and reflecting.  God would “speak” to us in written words, not in physical flesh.  The words of the prophet Isiah give a confirmation that the ONE who is reading is the ONE the prophet refer to. These are the words of liberation in the eyes who listened and experience the God who speaks in front of them. They do not have any words to express how they felt, but they just savor the sweetness of God’s written words.

During this time of pandemic, we need messages that would lift up our spirits. Words of encouragement that will help us to liberate the tensions and worries of these situations. People who are undergoing mental health issues: depressions, anxieties and loneliness need these uplifting words from us.

Sincerely speaking, I have been to loneliness, which causes me a lot of uncertainties. Talking to someone who will fill up the empty spaces of my days are a big help.  A simple chat and messages are a million thanks that somehow people will remember me.   Those moments are not merely about mental wellbeing rather it is about my own spirituality.   It is checking my spiritual life, most importantly prayer. Being faithful in my prayer time and reading letters of life of the gospel each day, helped me to get up from loneliness.   Moreover, remembering the people who are important to me, and who loves me unconditionally.

It is also important to accept that I am passing through the road of loneliness. It is all right that I grow a half centimeter from those experiences.  I learned from the words of Sr. Teresa Mira “not to lose the peace within…”  When I have another chance of passing to that kind of “road” I know already how to walk.

God knows each one of us because we are part of His own body. When one part is aching, He immediately felt, and gives His full concern and attention.  We, as part of the body we should also give our full concern and attention to the invitations of the HEAD. To take a responsible response to other members of the body who are in pain and in sorrows.  Perhaps you might give a spark of smiles in this part of the Body of Jesus.

Be a messenger of God’s words to others.  Send words of encouragement, of enthusiasm, of liberty, of life, of hope, care and of love to your friends, family and to the people you know especially to those whom you communicate less.