Before starting, let us examine ourselves, what is our blindness that leads us to not see the presence of God or experience him or hindrance us from giving our very selves for God… What did you do?

Our Gospel for this Sunday reflects on the story of a man born blind. One thing about the story is that even though neither he nor his parents are to be blamed, his destiny was marked forever and the people looked at him as a sinner who was punished by God. Even the disciples asked Jesus if the sin was of the blind man or of his parent. And Jesus looke at them differently, instead of paying attention to what his disciples said. Here Jesus paid attention not to the sin that he might have done but to his situation. Jesus healed the blindness of man. The Man regained his eyesight that hindranced him from seeing the goodness of God in his life.

How could we apply this story to our lives? Many of us has our own blindness. Blindness to see another person as a gift. Blindness to appreciate what we have. Blindness to accept that we are weak, we have limitation. Blindness to be a gift for others, etc. The example of Jesus’ action toward the blind man and our reality and the story of the blind man teach us that the miracle is possible when we open ourselves to God and when faith becomes visible. It is faith in God and faith in ourselves what matters. When faith becomes our weapon in life journey, miracles happen, because for Jesus there is no one excluded. Let us embrace and encounter God at all times.