On this first Sunday of Lent, the Gospel presented to us the temptation of Jesus. The devil tries to attract Jesus of 3 things: comfort, popularity and power. The offer was very promising. Who does not seek comfort or satisfy sensual desires? Who doesn’t want to be recognized and be powerful? Temptation always appears attractive, pleasing and beautiful. It will never present to us ugly and unpleasant because “if it will” will not be tempted. As we deepen on our “SOUL care” this season of lent, let us allow today’s Gospel to help us identify “our TEMPTATION.” It would be good to ask; What are the things, circumstances, or desires that we give-in but DOES NOT DO ANY GOOD TO OUR SOUL? And how it distorted our “true identity” as sons and daughters of God? St. Luke the evangelist in today’s Gospel showed us that Jesus’ response to all the grandeurs offered to him were a declaration of his TRUE SELF, his TRUE IDENTITY. He knows who he is and in a very crucial and tempting moment Jesus reveals himself. Let us ask God to give us the grace to help us be genuine to our identity, to our values and to our core so we courageously refused temptation.


Francisco Palau Community