Gospel Reading: Jn 20:1-9

The Gospel reading according to John was an amazement to Mary Magdala of what had happened to Jesus.  It was early in the morning; it was still dark.  At once she ran and look for Simon Peter and told to other disciples what she thought would happen to Jesus… Then, they also ran, but there was another one who arrived first at the tomb… Ah! What a commotion with the characters of the reading. “They did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.”

Nevertheless, the one who arrived at the tomb first saw and believed.

Who are we in the reading?  Mary Magdala?  Simon Peter and the other disciple? Or could we be the last one to know, but the first one who arrived at the tomb, simply saw it empty and believe that Jesus has risen from His death?

Over and over again, as Christians, we do remember what Jesus had done for us. From His great deeds in His public ministry… the miracles… His very life… His very own character… that He loved us so much for giving His life for us.  In the end, yes! He has risen! He has overcome the power of sin and death.  He is our hope!  Our life becomes full because He loved us as much as we love Him.  That in his glory, we also partake in His new life.  Isn’t it great?

What is the invitation for me?  It is to believe unceasingly that I am part of Christ’s body in communion with others. I must be mindful of my existence that I am also included in His risen life.  Alleluias for the story of my life, for my family, for the vocation, for the sisters, for the significant others, for the encounters, and various experiences throughout these years of my existence cannot be denied.

Truly, God is alive!  24/7 He is acting in our lives.  It is indeed a great celebration for He has redeemed us and has forgiven us, that is, God never gets tired of forgiving us, of giving us chances.  Pope Francis said “The certainty that with Jesus there is always a place for everyone.  That Christ thing is never over.  That with Him, it is never too late.  With God, we can always come back to life.”  God’s mercy has no end.

The result of Jesus’ resurrection: I must live, we must live, freeing ourselves from the chains of sin.  Its light must shine upon us always and radiate it in our ways of living as resurrected people of God.   We are the children of God.  May our lives be an exemplar of the risen Lord.  Let us sing, rejoice and be glad for the Lord is risen, indeed.


Our Lady of Virtues Community,

Pangantucan Bukidnon