This Sunday, the Lord invites us to have faith in His promises. Together with the psalmist let us proclaim: Blessed are the people the Lord has chosen to be God’s own! As I reflect on the reading, I felt so blessed to be chosen by God to live in a specific vocation as consecrated religious, particularly in the family of Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas. As I go back to the different moments of searching for God’s call and life purpose, I realized that it took me to have a deep faith and trust in His promises that enabled me to finally say YES to his Divine Will and follow His plan. As I look back it wasn’t easy to let go and entrust everything to God, but He showered me of abundant graces and I made it! This year, I am already in my 15 years of vows with ups and downs along the way, and ever since the Lord keeps His promises to be faithful till the end. For this, I am very grateful that I trust His Words. The very words of Jesus in today’s Gospel continue to resound in my heart as Jesus said to His disciples: Do not be afraid… For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

Today’s reading was my guide from the very beginning of my vocation faith journey, not to worry, not to be anxious in following Him for the sake of His kingdom, for He knows our needs and will provide what we really need. Once we follow the Lord for the sake of His kingdom, it is proven that He will not be outdone with His generosity, the Lord will bless you and me and the rest who followed Him with much abundance. He will surely take charge of the rest that you are worried about, that’s why by this time, I am less worried than before because I know He will bless me and will keep blessing me and the rest of the people that I cared and loved. And this is a matter of FAITH. Thanks to Blessed Francisco Palau and the rest of the Saints who taught me what it means to have FAITH and to BELIEVE in God. Like Abraham, who trusts God’s loving plan in his life.

So, maybe the reading would help us personally examine our way of following God in whatever forms and walks of life where we are and ask the following questions: How is your faith? Do you really trust God’s provision in your life as you follow and do His will?  How can you help to strengthen the faith of others whom you are journeying with toward the reign of God?

Let me end with this short prayer: Lord Jesus, empower us to follow you with deep faith and confidence in your words so that we can fully give and commit ourselves to your kingdom for you live and reign forever and ever. Amen.


Sr. Claire Marie Sy, CMT