One of my favorite mentors once said to me, Remember what Mark Twain said, “Mind over matter, If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” She was trying to motivate me then, to be more focused, to slow down, and shift my attention to something more significant.”

What is the real treasure in your life? In today’s gospel, Jesus tells us about the parable of the rich fool, who accumulates wealth for himself but is poor in what matters to God. He inspires us to consider what is most important in life. And what matters most is not what we have in our hands, but what we have in our hearts.

Similarly, in his letter #6, Blessed Francisco Palau, our founder wrote, “Precious stones are rare, but these few are of great value.” The false ones are many, and we have to get rid of them. Heaven must not be adorned with any false stones. They are to be discarded. We were reminded that “perfection consists in the fulfillment of the precept of love: love of God and love of neighbor.”

When we died, we cannot bring our material possessions. Only love counts. Humility, simplicity, charity, mercy…only acts of goodness will bring us to that kingdom of love.

Now is our chance. Now is our moment to make a difference. Now is the time for us to live justly so that we never hear God say, “You fool!” Let us save treasure in heaven. Things that are more essential, things that are valuable to God.