Scott Peck’s book entitled: The Roadless-Travelled started with an opening line- Life is difficult.  It is an experiential book that the author would like us to comprehend that in our existence we will encounter a variety of issues and tough challenges.  These pains and struggles are part of our life.  Nevertheless, it should not be a hindrance to growth.  Self-discipline will help us to deal with them. Some people would choose to avoid it instead of dealing with it but it should be dealt with because there are many tools to help us outgrow it.

Indeed, in the Sunday Gospel reading from Luke 13:22-30, someone asked Jesus: “Will only a few people be saved?”  Jesus said, “Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.”  God wants that all be saved.  And Jesus did it for all of us.  He saved us through the cross.  What is needed here is, my collaboration, your collaboration, and our collaboration to do our part to be in line with Him.  It is not merely being called to be Catholic but someone who tries to be a living witness of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Will only a few people be saved?  Yes!  If hardly one or two will make an effort to enter into the narrow gate; true enough, it is not easy to do good and holy works, of loving sacrificially for the sake of others, not counting the cost.  If we want that many to be saved, it is indeed a call for everyone to do our part.  Entering into the life of Jesus is forgetting oneself, putting God and others first, and denying oneself.  It is not an overnight job but rather a day-to-day growth in spirit and allowing the grace of God to illumine our hearts and minds that nothing is impossible with Him.

It is clarified in the gospel, that it is not enough to go nearer to God if there is no readiness to follow Him, to carry the daily crosses.  Attending religious practices is not enough for one to be saved.  It is rather a combination of helping others, and loving unconditionally.  Prayer to God is meaningless unless it is accompanied by love with unceasing action.

The author of the book is very clear that self-discipline is important to overcome the hardships in life and giving time for God and others is also as important as giving time for ourselves.


Our Lady of Virtues Community

Pangantucan, Bukidnon