4th Sunday of Advent

God is with us – our Emmanuel!

Every person has their own story to tell about how God touches them, how God walks with them in their everyday life, especially those moments when seem things are mysterious when things seem impossible to handle nor to solve when things seem we are about to give up nor when things get rough. In our gospel for this week, we are reminded that God is with us in our journey and never gives on us.  It reminds us also that our existence has a reason why we are all here in this world. Same with the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus.

In the story, Mary was the chosen one to be the mother of Jesus, but before that, she was found pregnant and Joseph, the righteous man would like to divorce her secretly. Both of them were in a situation of shock nor question the situation. Mary said, “how could it be I am a virgin?” Joseph plans to divorce her. It was a difficult moment for the two, but our God interferes with them.  As an Angel said to Mary, “Do not be afraid, the Lord found favor with you.” It was consoling for her and also for us to not be afraid of whatever might happen. For us, God is not a God who is far away, nor distant, but someone who is near to us and is always with us: Emmanuel. He is a God who never abandoned His loved ones. He always remains faithful. Again, the gospel reminds us that we never walk alone for God our Emmanuel is always with us.

Today, God is telling us: Emmanuel, and know that ‘I am with you’. Say to yourself “Jesus” and you will be a better person. For Jesus our Emmanuel, we will fight the war against evil. We will be able to conquer what hindrance us to be near Jesus. Let us always use the password “Emmanuel” or “Jesus” to access God’s loving care for us.