“Walking Together, Centering our Lives on Mission and Weaving Communion”

December 18, 2022, in Fr. Palau Formation House in Manila, Philippines, the different communities in Asia started the assembly with a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit presided by Fr. Emmanuel Marfori, a diocesan priest from San Pablo, Laguna.

Sr. Teresa Vives Pertusa, the Provincial Animator, welcome the sisters and formally open the assembly with her inspiring messages and challenged the sisters of whom they are living for and what more they can give to the mission to alleviate the suffering members of the Church.  Nevertheless, it is not to lose the essence of their being rather to find their focus and centeredness on Christ.

Sr. Bless C. Llave, the Delegation Secretary had the roll call of the participants.  Sr. Chrezann M. Angulo, the Provincial Delegate presented to the assembly Sr. Aleksandra Nawrocka to be the Secretary of the meeting who has been approved by the body.  Then, Sr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai and Sr. Chantal Semiryango Furaha proposed Escrutadoras to count the votes for the election of councilors.

Moreover, Fr. Emmanuel Marfori also serves as a speaker for the conference with his enlightening words of wisdom that accompany the sisters in the assembly.  He connected his talk with the words of Fr. Palau: “Love is the bond that captivates the lovers.”  To walk together and center our lives on a mission is to weave communion for the church. The sisters were reminded of the essence of their existence which is to bring the good news to the people of God amidst the barriers and their limitations, that is, there is beauty in imperfections.  It is also important to take note of the constant conversion of the sisters on their personal and communitarian levels.

The sisters were given some questions for reflection and deepening of the topic wherein Sr. Chrezann explained the methodology or the process in the assembly.  In the afternoon, she shared the information about the delegation for 3 and ½ years of service as the provincial delegate and gave her gratitude to the Province and all the sisters in Asia with her companions in the council.  Sr. Gloria M. Alonso, treasurer of the council reiterated on the different projects and the financial status of the delegate whereas Sr. Bless C. LLave, reported on the sisters who composed the delegation.  In addition, she also showed a video in remembrance of Sr. Raquel Sanchez of dedicating her life in the service of the church in Asia.

It was followed by a health break and personal reflection.  Then, the sisters proceeded to their respective discerning communities for sharing their thoughts and invitations which are called for them and was brought into the plenary. Then, every sister posted in the free wall their feelings and invitations of the day and they ended in singing the Salve in honor of the Virgin Mary.