“WHO is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?” asked the disciples with Jesus… Mt 18,1

Jesus says to them, “Amen, I say to you.  unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven…” Mt 18,3

How do we become like children?  Let us look and meditate on the qualities of children.  They trust their parents without question.  They may not always want to obey, but there is very little reason for them to lack trust that their parents will provide care for them.  Food, clothing, and all the best things they need.  The children will often naturally and spontaneously be who they are and not worry about the opinion of others.

Children are innocent in all things.  They see the goodness in every person.  All of these qualities of children could easily be applied to our relationship with God.  We must trust God who cares for us.  We must strive to be natural and free to express our love without fear, not worrying whether we are accepted or rejected.  We must strive to be innocent in the way we see others of not giving prejudices and biases.  We must strive to be continuously in awe of God and of all the things He does in our lives.

On this Sunday, the Feast of Sto. Niño upon any of the qualities of children in which you find (I find) yourself/myself is lacking.

How does God want you (I) to become more childlike?  How does he want you (I) to become like children so you can become truly great in the Kingdom of heaven?

Jesus invites us today to find our true greatness in humility and simplicity like a child.  Most of all, may we have absolute trust in you in all things always.  AMEN.