The magi went on a journey to find Jesus, not without fear or doubts, but with a great desire to encounter the God made flesh. They were guided by the light of the star and so their deep faith that something greater than their uncertainties awaits them. They were aware that the value of their journey far outweighed anything else in their lives.

It’s all too easy to lose sight of what’s going on around you at times. It is so easy to forget the meaning and purpose of daily routines. It is so easy to just get by without a guide, a light, motivation, or a sense of meaning. It is so easy to forget that there is a star that guides, accompanies, and enlightens the way. The Magi help us to bring back the value of what we are doing by giving importance not only to the last destination, but also to the little journeys made possible by little steps forward. They remind us that everything is possible when one loves. They fell in love with a God who became a man to be with us.

Bl. Francisco Palau, like the Magi, searched for his beloved. It took years and years of searching. Unlike the magi, there was no bright star to guide him. His only guide was his burning heart, filled with love for God and people. Until one day, his Beloved revealed herself to him, the ever-beautiful, ever-pure, ever-loving Church—God and neighbor. His heart was filled with joy, and his only desire was to give his life for her. “My life is the least I can offer you in response to your love.” (MR III, 2)

This feast of the Epiphany reminds us that God is constantly manifesting himself to us. He revealed himself to the world as the Savior, and He is constantly showing his love for us. He reveals himself to us in our day-to-day lives. May we ever find the courage to embark on a journey, to set out and encounter Christ.