In life, we have many plans and projects. They used to say: “Man proposes, God disposes”. And yes, it is true that the success of our enterprises in a great manner depends on God’s will and His plans for our life. But there is also much to do on our part. “Act as if everything would depend on you alone, and trust as if everything would depend on God alone”. No God’s plan could have been brought to the end if it was not accompanied by concrete human actions. To fulfill our plans, we need courage and determination. Things usually don’t come easy, but they require effort and sweat, patience and commitment. Sometimes we need to pass through tears and dark nights until we achieve our dreams. For Jesus, it was not also easy. And today’s Gospel tells us that “when the days for Jesus’ being taken up were fulfilled, he resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem”. RESOLUTELY DETERMINED.  And took concrete decisions and concrete actions to make it happen.

Today’s readings can be an invitation for us to examine the level of our determination in pursuing our dreams. Elisha and all the persons that appeared in the Gospel represent different attitudes in front of the demands of following Jesus. And it makes me realize that sometimes in my heart there is a similar attitude of “maybe yes but not now”.  Sometimes my determination finishes when the following of Jesus requires me to change my plans, to go further than I wanted, to give a little more. That reminds me of what Francisco Palau said: “Have courage in order to persevere in your undertakings. Defy death, life, and all the contradictions that may come from persons, be it from their natural weakness in doing good and so prone to do evil” (Letter 4,3). So, I ask our good Lord to sustain my determination, to persevere in plans and projects, and to follow Him to the end, despite all the contradictions.


Our Lady of La Vang Community